3 Must Knows for Going Global (Part 2)

 3 Must Knows for Going Global (Part 2)

Fortune Favours the Bold…
Plus it’s More Fun When Going Global.

In business, there are so many opportunities that can arise. If you look at it all with only the dollars and sense, then you may not take the chances that can move the needle. At Kings of Neon we know that not every opportunity needs a yes, but every opportunity needs to be looked at without profit being the only element considered.

The Kings of Neon team have made moves that have made sense and lost money. There have been opportunities that made no real business sense but were exceptional moments for the team and in turn, have changed the business for the better and have been huge long-term growth markers.

Kings of Neon has had the honour of doing LED neon signage for events like the F1 race in Las Vegas and the NFL Draft. On paper, the overall cost of flying team members across the globe was not profitable. However, the experiences, the moments, the learnings, the team bonding and then in turn, the networking opportunities and relationships that were built on these experiences were life changing.

When you say yes, the experiences can open doors to new markets, contacts, and opportunities beyond your wildest imagination. Make it part of your mission to meet and connect with people and say yes to experiences as well as making money. Sometimes making the bold decision to just go and do it can open doors and new opportunities that you didn’t even know existed. Abundance brings abundance and opportunity comes from these sorts of plays.

The other huge focus for your business growth both locally and internationally, is key accounts and relationships. From day one, Kings of Neon had customer service at its forefront. It was pivotal in the early days and quickly identified as an important part of the business model with customers, talent and partners. It sounds like a no brainer but it’s interesting how little people give this side of their growth plans. The leadership team at Kings of Neon highly recommend reading Giftology, by John Ruhlin. The book explores growing and nurturing business relationships and building loyalty with other businesses and partners across the globe.

Some of our biggest business events like the NFL Draft, the F1 and Lollapalooza have been based on relationships and born from simply saying yes to opportunities. The impact making bold choices has on your team is also really incredible. I’ve seen some of our junior team grow and expand through these experiences and opportunities. International moves, leadership roles and invaluable skills have been developed from these experiences.

For me, my goal was to always push hard and to create a future for my family and tribe. The opportunity to share the ride with like-minded people and build a brand based on moments and life experiences are a driving force to keep saying yes! My advice on going global is to learn to love the process. With that, if you can also enjoy the experience with amazing people and have some fun along the way then you are in a position that is the stuff dreams are made out of.

Say yes often, take the lessons and learn fast. If you are able to look back when you are 80 and know you gave it your all and got to share it, that is a good life and a good business. Don’t have money as your legacy driver, instead make the ride so good you get the opportunity to have an impact on lives where you will never be forgotten.

Go Crush!

Steve Pastor
Kings of Neon

Steve Pastor is an accomplished seven-figure entrepreneur,
keynote speaker, and host of the Flipped Podcast. He has built a reputation as a thought leader and trusted advisor to
companies and organizations around the world, with over 10+ years of experience in e-commerce and entrepreneurship. Steve has been named in the Top 20 Businesses in the AFR Fastest 100 Businesses in Australia 2022 and has received numerous awards, including the Business NSW Export Award in 2022. He was a finalist for Sydney Top Entrepreneur 2022 and has been featured in numerous publications, including the Australian Financial Review, Sydney Top Entrepreneurs, Business NSW, CNN, Apple News, and NBC.

As the co-founder of Three Fingers Naturals Zinc, Slyde, and
Cookie Dough Marketing, Steve has a track record of success
in building and scaling businesses. He took his latest venture, Kings of Neon, to $7 million+ in less than three years and has worked with global brands and social icons such as Gary Vee, NFL, Lollapalooza, TikTok, Twitter, McDonald’s, and Netflix.

Steve is passionate about e-commerce, leadership, and
personal development. He has multiple degrees and
certifications in sales, marketing, and leadership and is an
active member of Brand Builders Group and E-Commerce
Equation. In his spare time, Steve loves to spend time with his family, attempt golf, play tennis, and train 7 days a week. He is the proud husband and father of two headstrong kids who always keep him on his toes.

Steve is on a mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs launch
their own businesses and break through limitations. He is
relentless about business success and passionate about
building community. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to
hear from this leading expert in the field of e-commerce and entrepreneurship.

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