Just a few reasons you need to be at Retail Fest!

Knowledge is power

Here at Retail Fest, we think it's so important to share new information that's relevant to you and your business. Whether that is through our speakers presenting on stage, the workshop options available, or speaking with exhibitors and other like-minded attendees. Learning from each other's experiences is how we can improve ourselves, our companies, and in turn your bottom line.

98% of Retail Fest attendees rate their event experience as 'High Quality' and 'Very Useful'

(Net)work it baby

It's the one constant that any business professional will talk about, but is it really the be-all and end-all? The answer is absolutely YES! Every moment at Retail Fest is a chance to grow your network - whether it's at our welcome drinks or dinner functions to just standing in line, there are so many opportunities to talk to others in your field.

93% of attendees identify networking as a key factor in re-attending

Be an exhibitionist

Taking the opportunity to talk to the solution providers in our exhibition hall gives you an insight into everything that is going on in the industry right now. Whether you are a small company just starting out or have been in action for a while, chatting to the exhibitors is the best way to find solutions to the problems that you have and to the other ones that weren't even on your radar.

84% of Retail Fest attendees said they would be doing business with an exhibitor they met.

Content content content!

You can watch as many online tutorials as you want but having the opportunity to sit in on content sessions and hear about the challenges, failures, and successes of speakers is second to none. With the chance to ask questions of the speakers, their advice and guidance can help you navigate the tricky situation that your own business may face.

96% of Retail Fest attendees rate the content quality as 'Excellent'

The Hosted Meeting Programme

Here at Retail Fest, we pride ourselves on being accessible for the biggest retailer right down to the smallest. For your ticket, you get access to 100+ speakers, 7 Tracks of Content, 2 networking receptions, lunch, and an exhibition floor full of solution providers that will take your selling to the next level.

Retail Fest offers a Hosted Meeting Program that provides a complimentary ticket and $800 travel credit in exchange for attending meetings with our legendary solution providers.

Honestly, it's just good fun!

Outside of the incredible content, the awesome networking and the opportunity to grow your brand... you are going to have a good time doing it all whilst in the Gold Coast sunshine.

With Official networking events, sponsored parties, dinners, lunches, yoga and everything in between. You will not be short of an opportunity to learn, network and have a good time.

Go on... Book your ticket... You know you want to!