3 ways to optimise your website (and boost your revenue!)

 3 ways to optimise your website (and boost your revenue!)

3 ways to optimise your website (and boost your revenue!)

As a CRO expert I can’t believe how many people spend money driving traffic to their site BEFORE improving their conversion rate – it’s like throwing money into the wind! 

With just a few simple tweaks to your website you can ensure that when people land on your site, more of them convert to paying customers.

Here are three of my top tips to help you optimise your website to double (or even triple!) your conversion rate.

1. Make it easy (and fast) for customer to get answers

When customers have a question about a product and they can’t find the answer, they’re usually not patient enough to send an email and wait for a reply – they’ll simply go to one of your competitors instead.  So make answering questions quick and easy!

There are a few ways you can do this but two of the easiest ones to implement are:

Include an FAQ section (and make it easy to find!)

Make sure you have all the questions you ever get answered inside your FAQ. Feature the main FAQ for each product on your product pages, and then link the general FAQ in the header and footer. Done right, this will increase your conversion rate, decrease returns and decrease customer questions, saving you time (and earning you money!).

Offer live chat

You can’t always pre-empt every question – don’t risk losing sales because you don’t have a quick way for customers to get in touch!  Strike while they’re in the zone of buying from you by including a live chat fly-in on your homepage. Shopify Inbox provides a free and easy way to manage live chats from your mobile phone, wherever you are.

2. Show transparency

If visitors to your site are confused or haven’t purchased from you before (so don’t know what to expect) they’re likely to click away.  

Show shipping transparency – this means make your shipping costs clear and obvious.  I recommend having your shipping costs (or free shipping thresholds) displayed on your home page – a great way to do this is with a sticky header bar.  Shipping Bar apps can help with this, some even allow you to display how much more a customer needs to add to their cart to receive free shipping, which is a great way to up your average order value.

Also show transparency when it comes to refunds and returns – have your returns policy linked in your footer so it’s easy to find.  I also recommend that it’s generous – by offering a strong returns policy, you give more peace of mind to your potential customers that they can check out securely and that you are a trustworthy business. 

3. Show proof

An essential part of e-commerce success is customer reviews, with 49% of shoppers saying they trust customer reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. The easiest way to do this is with a reviews app (such as Judge.me, Yotpo or Okendo) that automates this process.   

Don’t just show the reviews on your product pages – make sure you include a reviews section on your home page as well.  Show off how much your product is loved so new customers want to buy from you too!

Your customers aren’t the only source of proof – if your business has been mentioned in the media make sure to include a “as featured in” section on your home page.

And if you’ve entered into any industry awards, make sure you add those nominee, finalist and winner badges on your home page and relevant product pages, so that your customers know your brand is trusted amongst industry experts.

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Lisa Jones
Founder – SHE-com

Lisa Jones is a passionate E-commerce expert and builder of 3 x multi-million dollar e-commerce brands. 

Most famous for co-founding Ecoriginals, the world’s greenest nappy and wipes brand, which she sold to a private equity investor in 2020, Lisa is busy building a global empire for women with e-commerce brands inside SHE-com. 

Lisa shares her uncomplicated approach to starting, growing and scaling up online brands through her high touch mentoring programs and retreats, as well as sharing her expertise on stages, inside her podcast and book, and across her social channels. 

SHE-com is Lisa’s creation based on her dream to connect amazing she-compreneurs to each other to share stories, successes and strategies.


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