3 ways to improve your CX in 30 minutes

 3 ways to improve your CX in 30 minutes

With just weeks until BFCM peak period kicks off for another year and you are racing against the clock to finish off projects, you might think that it is too late to fit anything else into the roadmap to improve your Customer Experience!
Good news, we have Emily Elvey, a CX Expert and Consultant, to share 3 ways to improve your CX in 30 minutes (actually 30 minutes, we timed her).

1. Leverage the Power of CSAT Surveys

Understanding your customers’ satisfaction levels is paramount to enhancing their experience. Implement a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) survey to gain valuable insights into their journey with your business.
Your survey score will highlight key areas of friction in your customer’s purchase journey ready for optimisation. As you optimise these areas, your CSAT score will continue to be a measure of success and guide you towards further improvements.

Already have a CSAT in place? Consider automating alerts for negative responses, sending notifications to Customer Service Managers via email or platforms like Slack.
Implement a follow-up process to turn these experiences around and, where possible, rewards the loyal customers advocating for positive experiences.

2. Refresh Your On-Site Footer Content
Neglected and outdated information? Don’t know her.

Data released by Similarweb reports a “131% rise in visits to the refund and return pages of Australian e-commerce brands” since 2020 and Hubspot reports the average time on page reduced to 54 sec, it is clear that it is increasingly more crucial to ensure that each page on your site is optimised to ensure a customer can digest all the relevant content in one session. 

Review store hours and addresses, refund policies, shipping options and timeframes that may have changed.

Employ user-friendly features like varying types face, accordions or icons to help customers seamlessly navigate the content.

While you’re at it, remember to check your Google My Business accounts too!

3. Optimize BFCM Assets with AB Testing

As the BFCM frenzy approaches, make sure all the time you and your teams spent planning your marketing efforts are maximised. Try creating two variants of any ads, social tiles or emails and run them through a AB testing platform such as Usabilityhub to determine which version garners the highest engagement. When BFCM launch day comes around you can confidently deploy the best-performing content to get the most out of your marketing budget. 

Elevating your customer experience doesn’t always have to be a lengthy or expensive process. By embracing these three actionable tips, you’ll quickly enhance your holistic Customer Experience and set yourself apart from your competitors. 

Find out more about auditing your Customer Experience with Em below.

Emily Elvey
Customer Experience Consultant http://www.emilyelvey.com

Coming from a background in both wholesale and retail Emily has honed her obsession and studies with the patterns and insights of customers, their likes, dislikes and needs, to be a champion of the Voice Of Customer. Emily is constantly inspired by seeing business transformations from an improvement in both Customer Experience and Employee Experience, how they interlink, and their impact when they come to life in the lives of customers. 

Previously working for M.J. Bale and MESHKI driving Omni-Experience transformation projects and best practice operations in stores, online and marketplaces. Emily has introduced personalised appointments, virtual styling, Click and Collect, Loyalty programs and Clienteling across multiple businesses
for the brands 77 physical doors, seeing an uptake in +130% on personalised services. 

Now, through her Customer Experience Consulting business Emily is helping businesses transform their Customer Experience Journeys from head to toe to drive sustainable growth and build strong, authentic, loyal customer relationships.

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