3 Ways To Balance Promo and Premium Content

 3 Ways To Balance Promo and Premium Content

Paige Sproule provides you her top 3 tips to balance your promo and premium content.

1 – Think Outside the Homepage

It’s easy for us to be laser focused on the homepage- after all it’s where we show our key stories and content. However it’s also important to think of the journey beyond the homepage, as there are easy wins to combine and balance both premium and promotional content.

A simple way to adopt this thinking is ‘what’s next?’ from your homepage experiences, such as evergreen category content. With product load on category pages being comprehensive, promotional and premium storytelling can be easily balanced.

We know customers don’t always land on the homepage, so this additional exposure can be super valuable whether they’re after the next best seller or a great deal. Additionally the customer now has additional exposure to content they may have missed.

2 – Promo can look Premium

When we think of promotional moments or even the word SALE – we’re conditioned to think bold, red and white messaging. This doesn’t always have to be the case! By keeping the in-your-face messaging for those key moments, consider creating a premium looking sales experience to fall back on.

By using different colours, concept art and unique experiences customers will still be engaged by promotional messages but with the added illusion that it looks premium. At Foot Locker, we have a gold and white look and feel with these intentions, which has worked well both online and in stores with high engagement and click through rates.

3 – Cross Functional Collaboration

By collaborating with internal teams and even vendor partners we can help in creating a well-balanced promotional and premium content strategy.

With vendor partners, it’s important to be able to collaborate on product launches, sale moments, marketing campaigns and their key events. This is perfect for defining the priorities and content balance especially on brand site experiences.

Alongside working cross functionally with internal teams, this can also assist in defining even further – such as targeting customer segments. This ensures both premium and promotional content reaches the intended audience in the most effective way.

Paige Sproule
Senior Manager of Digital Experience

Fuelled by online customer journey, campaign executions, optimization and localization Paige has built her career dedicated to the ecommerce customer. 

By starting her career in online customer service, she holds a unique perspective of digital consumers expectations and needs. Previously working for EB Games and Lovehoney, she is no stranger to conceptualising and executing both bespoke and core online experiences.

Currently Paige is the Senior Manager of Digital Experience at Foot Locker. She is leading a team responsible for all customer journey touchpoints in Australia, New Zealand and South Korea from site experience, data analytics, conversion optimization, email marketing to SEO.

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